Meet Custom House Distilling!

Custom House Distilling was developed to achieve a goal of thousands of companies. We have seen over the years business desiring their own House Wine, and recently their own House Beer which is relatively easy to achieve. But with Spirit Alcohol, Liquor from top shelf to well spirits, there was a lack and actually non existent without owning your own distillery. Until now, Custom House Distilling is the creator of the spirit you imagine, from grain to bottle and everything in between.

Quite an easy Philosophy, your dream it, we create it with you. You can even make a trip to the distillery and get your hands in on the process of creating the house spirits for your company. Be apart of the dream all the way through so you can tell your story through your spirits.

Production is unique and efficient. We run two custom built 750 liter pot stills that were designed by Carl Pot Stills in Germany. Carl Pot stills are the longest legacy to date in developing and manufacturing the worlds greatest Pot Stills. Only the best machinery in the world is what we use.


Why Everybody Loves Our Custom Alcohol

Premium Quality

We Source the finest US grown produce for our spirits. Wether you choose 100% organic or economical produce, we only use the highest quality of each.

Ready to Use

We keep plenty of inventory of on hand of packaging. We have been using our trusted farms for years and our top of the line equipment is all waiting for your order to be made. The only thing we need is for you to choose a recipe so our farmers can delivery the produce.

100% USA Manufacturing

The Spirits you choose will always be made here in America by our American Master Distillers.


The innovation is unique with The Custom House Distilling. We take the most modern efficient equipment, operated by the most talented Master Distillers, and take your dream to the bottle.

Secret Ingredients

The secret ingredients, well thats your choice, but we offer many options to make your spirit unique for your business. What will yours be?

Designed for you

There is no better way to describe your company than to have its own line of custom alcohol. Whether you have mixed drinks, custom shooters, or neat drinkers you rest rest assured that your clients will choose your label.

100% USA Manufacturing

The Spirits you choose will always be made here in America by our American Master Distillers.

How To Make An Order?

  • 1. Choose Your Spirit

  • 2.Choose Your Ingredients

  • 3. Choose Your Bottle

  • 4. Choose Your Cap

  • 5. Choose Your Label Shape

  • 6. Choose Your Quantity

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